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Article - 19 Upcoming Hair Trends for 2016 and A Hair Makeover Giveaway! by Beaupass Team

19 Upcoming Hair Trends for 2016 and A Hair Makeover Giveaway!

Contributor of 19 Upcoming Hair Trends for 2016 and A Hair Makeover Giveaway!

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29 November 2015

Information provided courtesy of Chez Vous Salon.

As the year comes to an end, work is slowing down as holiday season begins. (Sorry to our accountant and auditor readers, but the end is in sight!) While having a hair transformation isn't something that most of us can embark on in a split second, the Chez Vous team has came up with a list of new hair ideas for the upcoming year.

In conjunction with Chez Vous' 20th anniversary, they have done 19 makeovers for their lookbook challenge! The exciting part is, they are looking for their 20th makeover participant, so read on to find out how to snag that :)

Hair Trend 1: Split-dyed Hair

Amidst the craze over ombre and balayage, the split-hair trend has the potential to be the new "it" colour for 2016. For those of us who are wary of looking like Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmations, make sure you choose an experienced stylist who can help balance out the look with highlights and lowlights.

Done by Associate Salon Director, Shawn Chia.

First model, Melissa rocking the split-dyed hair trend look! 

The edginess of this look means that it's not suitable for every face shape. Check out the pre-requisite chart that Chez Vous put together:

Just state "Split-hair Dye" in the comment box if you would like to make a booking for this style. That said, subjected to the professional opinion of your hairdresser!

Hair Trend 2: Balayage Ombre Hair Trend, "Balaombre"

Most suited for working professionals who seek a classy and subtle finish to their hair, the "balaombre" trend is the most versatile and low in maintenance too. Taking into account the end results after the hair colour starts to fade from washes, regular touch-ups are unnecessary for the busy professional.

Hair model, Emille's makeover done by Associate Salon Director, Veyond Chong

Ikebana, the japanese art of flower arrangement, is the inspiration behind Chez Vous' Ikebana Hair Colour Series. Through accentuating the overall beauty of the wearer, this series brings hair to life with greater depth, texture and dimension.

Recommended face shape and hair quality here:

All Wellnessly readers get 10% off for your first-trial at Chez Vous! Make a booking online, and leave your queries in the booking form's comment box. Confirmation done over SMS!

Hair Trend 3: Asymmetric Bob

For the charismatic and strong personalities, an asymmetric bob will definitely bring out the x-factor in you. Highly recommended for high-powered professionals who want to ramp up the intensity of your image! 

Actress Audrey's asymmetric bob hair trend done by Salon Director, Hensley Chin.

Chic. Edgy. Nothing less.

Suitable for most face shapes, and also a good change for chemically-damaged hair.

Haircuts start from $70 at Chez Vous. With a Only-Hair-Director-Allowed policy, you can expect nothing less than director quality service and results. Book online now via Wellnessly!

Hair Trend 4: Purple Hair

One of the most searched hair trends on Google, purple hair trend was popularized by Katy Perry and Rihanna. Purple belongs to one of those colours that don't last that long on Asian hair, so be prepared to lighten your hair! Don't worry though, you will be given advice on how to prevent your hair from becoming fried and steps can be taken to minimize the amount of damage done.

We love how Ena looks more radiant after!

A consultation to assess your hair quality is a must at Chez Vous. Ena having her hair assessed by Associate Salon Director, Jamie Seah.

We love the touches of blue and how the blackish roots adds contrast to the entire hairdo. 

Healthy hair is necessary for this hair transformation!

10% off for all Wellnessly readers if you book online today!

Hair Trend 5: Sand Art Hair Trend (with Galaxy Inspired Hues)

Galaxy hues paired with our childhood sand art pastime, what more can we ask for? One of the low maintenance hair trends that we shared previously, we love the end result of sand art!

You see!

Associate Salon Director, Sam Chok, did the makeover for Sydney, a fashion and beauty blogger.

Due to her recent employment at a financial firm, Sam actually gave Sydney inner panel highlights that enabled her to "hide" them at work, and flaunt them off-work. Genius!

So. Mesmerizing.

For all these beautiful colours, be prepared to have to lighten your hair. 

You can request for Sam to work magic on your hair! Book online via Wellnessly today.

Hair Trend 6: Split-dyed Hair for Men

Let's not leave the men out of the hair trends too! The split-dyed hair trend can be rocked by men with bold personalities too. We love how it adds an edge to Ander's image.

Ander's hair was transformed by Associate Salon Director, Echo Er.

All angles covered!

A low maintenance hair makeover suitable for busy (or lazy) guys! Wellnessly offers a lazy way to make bookings too ;)

Hair Trend 7: Blunt Pixie Haircut

Thinking of empowering yourself with a drastic haircut? Make sure you look for a hair designer who knows how to tailor your new hair to suit your facial contours.

Done by Khim Toh, Chez Vous' in-house Caucasian Hair Specialist and Colourist.

A drastic haircut is definitely not for the faint-hearted. 

Nevertheless, it will be a freeing experience.

Go have a consultation with a hair professional at Chez Vous, and look forward to the change!

Hair Trend 6: Pastel Pink Hair

The pastel hair trend brought out the dreamers among us. Cute, candy-floss inspired hair colours immediately gives the wearer a doll-like fantasy look. 

Beautiful pastel pink hair for dreamer cum blogger Charissa. 

By Salon Director, Sam Chok, he is known for his strength in hair contouring that ensures your hair style frames your features and accentuates your character.

To brighter days ahead!

Sam is very popular among customers, so make sure you reserve him early!

Hair Trend 9: Amplified Treatment C-Curl Rebonding

Sported by many k-pop stars, C-curl rebonding has been very popular among the ladies in Singapore. Suitable for working professionals who want to sport the classy and refined look, the c-curl rebonding hair trend is for the feminine, and very low in maintenance too!

C-curls are not cut out for everybody. It might actually make you look older, so your hair professional might not approve it!

We love how Associate Salon Director, Oscar Lee, made Suzanne look like she walked straight out of a k-pop music video.

C-curls frame your face and helps you carve out a smaller face effortlessly!

Suitable for all face shapes, yay! At Chez Vous, your hair will be assessed before you proceed with the hair service most suited for you.

Hair Trend 10: Amplified Treatment C-curl Rebonding Bob 

The bob is a classic hair trend that has withstood the test of time. Untame hair makes the bob looks unkempt, but here's where Chez Vous' award-winning Amplified Keratin Treatment comes into play. 

The challenge of maintaining a bob is real, especially for naturally unruly hair. But look how tame Melanie's hair is!

Oscar Lee's hairstyle specifically sculpted for Melanie's face can withstand scrutiny from all angles.

To achieve this flawless look, Oscar strategically placed rollers to mould the hair inwards to create the sleek and voluminous end product.

Sculpted hairdos are popular among all face shapes, but a certain thickness of hair will be required for this look!

Make an appointment with Oscar to have him customize a haircut to suit your features, your way.

Hair Trend 11: Sunset Dip-dyed Hair

Wellnessly recently listed dip-dyed hair as one of the low maintenance but lasting hair colour trends for the holiday season. With limitless possibilities, dip-dyed hair can be one of the most flattering hair colour trends to have.

We love how Veyond did such a great job overturning the bad impression towards copper colours. 

What is supposed to be an ah lian (hooligan) colour is classy and edgy on Chloe. Associate Salon Director, Veyond really turned the tables on it!

The sunset view from the back.

Dip-dyed hair, when done expertly, can be used to sculpt your features effortlessly. 

Hair Trend 12: Balayage Graduated Lob

If you are considering chopping off your hair, why don't you settle first for a lob? Versatile and equally impactful, a lob can be styled differently according to your mood.

Rachel's transformation done by Salon Director, Barry Lim.

A highly technical and advanced manoeuvre, Barry combined three different styles into Rachel's lob.

Quoting Barry: "It requires both precision and experience to ensure perfect blending from the back of the hair to the drastic increase in fringe length. The weight distribution has to be flawless so that there won't be any disconnection." 

Our main takeaway is to find someone experienced, trustable, and skilled to execute this seemingly effortless hair transformation. Chez Vous' OHDA (Only-Hair-Directors-Allowed) policy will fix that!

Hair Trend 13: Pixie-inspired Bob

From Audrey Hepburn to Rihanna, the pixie cut has grown its reputation to be associated with fresh starts. Whether it's from ending a chapter in life, to relaunching your career, the pixie cut is a statement on its own. 

Hair model, Christabelle morphed into a chic professional woman with the help of Salon Director, Hensley Chin.

Classy and sharp, from any angle.

Still radiant and feminine!

While this cut might not be the most flattering for some face shapes, go have a discussion with a hair professional to craft out the best haircut for you!

Hair Trend 14: Granny Blue Hair

We have heard the craze over granny grey hair. But granny blue..? 

Associate Salon Director, Jamie Seah infused touches of blue and some "hidden colours" into this piece of art, which will only be revealed when the hair colours start to fade. Mind-blown! 

Alethea, looking futuristic with this granny blue hair makeover.

Jamie's work is a mystery in the making.

We are looking forward to the colour transformations!

Jamie's magical services are available for booking online via Wellnessly. Get 10% off if it's your first time :)

Hair Trend 15: Boysenberry Lob

In case you're wondering what's a Boysenberry like us, it is actually a cross between a European Raspberry, a Common Blackberry, an American Dewberry and a Loganberry (according to Wikipedia).

All thanks to the ingenuity of Shawn Chia, now you can have that level of sophistication in your hair :)

Reinventing class one shade of berry at a time.

Now we all know that hair this length can be a nightmare to maintain on this hot and sunny island. To attain this look on Annabel, Shawn actually did a half-head soft-rebonding on the outer hair layer without compromising on the volume.

He also added a forward layering to help sculpt Annabel's face - hair contour master indeed.

The Boysenberry colour is actually a rarely used colour - not sure if that holds now that we are crazy over how it turned out.

You can make an appointment with hair contouring master, Shawn, via Wellnessly.

Hair Trend 16: Chez Vous' Award Winning Amplified Treatment Perm

Many of us have ended up with lifeless perms weeks after getting a perm job. Now what if we told you that you could have a perm that can last longer with the same amount of hair care you do at home?

Enter Chez Vous' award winning amplified treatment perm. By enriching your hair with protection and nutrition, this perm feeds every strand of your hair with moisture and nutrients for maximum shine - even after all the chemical treatments!


Sherena with a k-pop worthy perm job done by Veyond Chong.

You can look like this for work everyday!

Sherena, two weeks after the perm session.

A versatile hair trend for any face shape, we are certain that this hair do will be a compliment magnet!

Hair Trend 17: Natural Split-dyed Hair

From the split-dyed hair examples we saw above, the contrast might be too harsh for our liking. The good news is split-dyed hair can be done with a natural finish as well! This is Caryn with her natural split-dyed look.

Now if we didn't tell you that this is a split-dye hair, would you have noticed?

The different hues show up under different lightings. Playful yet suitable for work!

Done by Associate Salon Director, Echo Er.

Pretty low requirements for a funky hairstyle! Natural hair colours also mean you have a higher chance of avoiding bleaching :)

Hair Trend 18: Natural Subtle Balayage Ombre Hair, Sombre

Most balaombre hair colours adopt loud creative colours that might not last for long. For the practical readers who are restricted by work, or just want a hair colour that will last longer, why not try out the sunkissed sombre hair trend that pumps up the elegance in you?

If the underlying tone of your hair is warm, it'll be easier to maintain a warm tone hair colour (browns) than a cool tone colour (blues).

Annalisa's sombre from the back, done by Shawn Chia. 

For a seemingly simple sombre, it involves the brilliant execution of weaving colour combinations to create depth and texture. 

Chez Vousikebana series reveals more with time as your hair colour fades and unfolds over time, unveiling the meticulous steps your hair stylist has taken for your beautiful hair makeover.

Hair Trend 19: Marsala Mod Bob

Marsala was declared by colour authority, Pantone, as the "colour of the year" for 2015. Flattering for most Asian skin tones, marsala helps to brighten or whiten fair or yellowish skin. 

Like red wine, we think that the marsala colour is sophisticated and glamorous.

By Chief Director, Thomas Teo, the bob really brought out Ashley's cheery and radiant personality!

Ashley's sleek bob from various angles.

Hair Makeover Giveaway!

From now till 15th December 2015, head on to Chez Vous' Facebook page to vote for the best makeover! Like, share and leave a comment to tell them why that is your favourite transformation and 5 lucky voters will stand to win $150 Chez Vous hair & scalep service vouchers, and $200 worth of Resistance Therapiste, Kerastase's latest luxury haircare range! 

What's more, 1 voter will be selected to be the 20th makeover participant!

To know more about Chez Vous, head on over to their website at www.chezvoushair.com now.

The awesome folks at Chez Vous has extended a 10% discount for all Wellnessly readers! Just quote "Wellnessly" to enjoy that exclusive perk ;)

Tag us @wellnessly on Facebook and Instagram if you're going to do a hair makeover, and we would love to share your excitement!

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