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10 Singapore Hair Salons With Free WIFI

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19 October 2014

As we know, it is very hard to live without our smart phones and ipads these days. Other than being great sources of entertainment, these smart gadgets are also essential to help us access emails and stay connected to our social media platforms. When we are doing our hair at salons, especially rebonding, colouring and perming, spending countless hours sitting in the chair, free WIFI can be a nice addition to hair salons; we can surf the internet all we want with our smart phones and ipads without worrying about data usage.

Free WIFI service is a good addition to hair salons, but quality of service, ambience level and skills of hairstylists are also important criteria for us to make decisions. Wellnessly has carefully selected 10 recommended hair salons with free WIFI and good services just for you!

Zinc Korean Hair Salon

Recommended hair salon - Zinc Korean Hair Salon

If you are a huge fan of Korean fashion and want to get a Korean hair style, Zinc Korean Hair Salon is a must try. Other than enjoying their free WIFI, you can get a trendy K-pop hair style done by their Korean hairstylists. Do not worry too much on communication with the hairstylists there, because they are quite experienced and they also have pictures of hairstyles for you to choose. Their volume rebonding and perming are highly recommended by customers. If you think that tight curls do not suit you, go for Zinc Korean Hair as customers has given good feedback about their loose and volume perming. The Korean style loose and big curls will certainly give you the look donned by many Korean idols. Not for the budget conscious, give this salon a try if you have cash to spare in exchange for better service and hairdo.

More details and price list of Zinc Korean Hair Salon @ The Centrepoint 

Updates: Shifted to Zinc Korean Hair Salon (Millenia Walk) as of 1st July 2015

D’sire Hair

Recommended hair salon - D'sire Hair Salon

Recommended hair salon - D'sire Hair Salon 2

D’sire hair salon is a hidden gem in Far East Plaza! A few bloggers (Su Ann, Shona, Syrena, Kellykerii) has visited them to experience their services. You can easily get access to their free open WIFI at their salon. The hairstylists are very friendly and they provide you with personalised service. They are also good in recommending hairstyles that are suitable for you based on your hair condition and your appearance. We recommend colouring and Japanese curl perming as our bloggers have tried them and the results are fantastic!

Look at Syrena’s Mermaid hair transformation at D’Sire Hair 

More details of D’Sire Hair @ Far East Plaza

Kenjo Salon

Recommended hair salon - Kenjo Salon

Enjoy free WIFI all you want in this brightly-lit and classy-looking hair salon in Plaza Singapura. Kenjo salon is set against a sleek and modern ambience with a combination of local, Japanese and Korean stylists. You also get to choose from various drinks that the salon offers for free. Kenjo salon is famous for their volume rebonding, hair treatments and Mucota hair colouring. In fact, they are the only salon in Singapore that have the entire range of Mucota products, which are hair colouring products that are scalp-friendly and provide good colour effect on hair. Other than hairdressing services, they also provide make-up and styling services. Students can enjoy a professional hair cut at student price of $40.

More details of Kenjo salon @ Plaza Singapura

99 Percent Hair Salon

Recommended hair salon - 99 Percent Hair Salon

99 Percent Hair Studio is becoming a popular hair salon for young people, therefore you can expect to enjoy free WIFI there as young people loves to stay connected in this digital age. Afterall, we are on our smart phones all the time, aren’t we? 99 Per cent Hair Salon is famous for their hair colouring and perming, which is why young people like it. Their creative colouring, colour highlights and ombre colouring give you the trendiest hairstyle just like the celebrities. They are also good at styling loose and voluminious big curls on long hair. A tip to share with girls who likes bob hairstyle, 99 per cent hair studio is a great choice for that in addition to their creative colouring and highlights.

More details of 99 percent Hair Studio @ Haji lane

99 per cent Hair Studio @ Katong


Recommended hair salon - Gataomo

Gataomo is getting increasingly popular because of lots of positive reviews online, and yes, they provide free WIFI for customers. Do note though, their salon is usually very crowded and it is better to book appointment before you go for haircuts or hair treatments there. Impromptu walk-ins hair cut is possible but dependent on their schedule; therefore making an appointment ensures they will have more time to cater to you. The hairstylists there are professional and pay attention to details, giving good recommendations on hairstyles that suit your hair condition and lifestyle. You can trust the hairstylists there as they provide personalized haircut service. Good recommendation for short haircut for girls.  If you want to have a nice design for a new hairstyle, Gataomo is a good choice. Student price is offered as well!

Gataomo @ Far East Plaza 

Vintage Studio

Recommended hair salon - Vintage Studio

Recommended hair salon - Vintage Studio 2

Vintage Studio is the most active hair salon that participate in local fashion events like the 2014 Shu Uemura make up competition event at Vivo City, as well as the official hair salon behind Channel 5 Star Search – The Search 5. You can trust them for providing professional hairdressing services as they have won the 2014/15 Singapore Brands Award. So yes! They have free WIFI in their salons for customers to use. Vintage studio offers make-up and styling, so it is a good choice for those who want to style makeover for special occasions. Their rebonding and perming is worth trying too because they have wide range of hair products that suits your different needs. Also, they provide occasional promotions.

More details of Vintage Studio @ Bedok Point

Vintage Studio @ Far East Plaza

Vintage studio @ Bugis+

Vintage Studio@ Westgate


Recommended hair salon - Essensuals

Essensuals is a diffusion of the world renowned TONI & GUY hairdressing brand. Trained by Toni & Guy Hairdressing, hairstylists at Essensuals are professional, patient and friendly. They provide free WIFI in their salons. There are a lot of positive reviews online about the hairstylists there, they are known to be patient and provide good recommendations on hairstyles for customers. If you need suggestions on changing of hairstyles, do look for Essensuals as they will provide sincere opinions on what best fits your hair and overall appearance. They have fixed prices for hair colouring, rebonding and perming, but different price for haircuts based on level of hairstylists you are looking for (senior stylist and director cost more).

For the budget conscious, their price list for difference branches have slight differences too, so it better to check prices for different branches before you make your decision. Essensuals represented Singapore in Hair World 2014 International Trend Vision Award held at Germany, Kudos to them for representing Singapore and making us proud!

More deatails of Essensuals @ Orchard Central

Essensuals @ Star Vista

Essensuals @ Bugis Village

Essensuals @ Boat Quay


Recommended hair salon - Kizuki Lim

Recommended hair salon - Kizuki Lim 2

For the uninitiated, LIM stands for Less Is More. It is a salon chain from Japan. As Japanese service culture emphasizes on politeness, you will feel being respected as a customer once you step into their salon. Not to mention, free WIFI for customers! You will love their cosy and classy environment as the architecture of the salon is minimalistic with geometric shaped walls, resembling those of an art museum. Hairstylists there are from Japan and they are very professional, but you might need to ensure that you communicate your desired hairstyle to them well because their English might not be the most fluent. Fret not, their professionalism give customers personalized haircuts that best suit them. A picture speaks a thousand words, to avoid any misunderstandings, communicate with the aid of pictures is recommended. You can enjoy very nice hair wash at their hair-washing area as they have comfortable automated reclining seats. To top it off, their sleep inducing head massage is also highly recommended.

Kizuki is a good choice if you prefer Japanese chic hairstyles, though their perming, hair treatment and rebonding are fantastic too. For those who don’t mind spending a little more on a better hairdressing service do choose Kizuki+LIM.

More details of Kizuki+LIM @ Raffles Hotel Shopping Arcade

Jean Pierre Hair Salon

Recommended hair salon - Jean Pierre Hair Salon

Jean Pierre Hair salon is a good choice for you if you want a lovely and chic Korean hairstyle. Founded by reowned Korean celebrity stylist Jean Pierre, he brings the latest and most trendy Korean hair styles to Singapore. Their service is good and they provide free WIFI for customers to use. If you want to style your hair for special occasions like dinner dates or parties, do look for them as they are very good in styling your desired hairstyle for special occasions. Their volume rebonding and perming is highly recommended as we see good results on customers’ hair; the stylists are good in creating large and elastic curls on long hair. If you have medium to long hair, also consider their thick curls for more youthful look. You can also try a unique hairstyle by having a colour combination for hair dye.

More details of Jean Pierre @ Orchard Central

Air Salon

Recommended hair salon - Air Salon

Air Salon is the latest celebrity hair salon in Singapore; their hairstylists have designed hairstyles for celebrities on cover page of magazines like Her World and NanYou. They also do hairstyles for some local celebrities like Lee Teng. The staff and stylists there are friendly, they offer their signature Aveda tea to customers to enjoy, free WIFI is also available for customers to use. Professional and creative, they can design personalized hairstyles that fits your physical appearance, at the same time conceal the disadvantages of your hair conditions. Salon is cosy with aromatherapy and their complimentary shoulder and hand massage. Air Salon is a good choice if you want a fashionable, chic and glamorous yet easy-to-manage hairstyle. They offer the most cutting edge hair designs, providing the latest in hair technology, for example, their signature Ultrasonic Infra-Red Hair Treatment/Perm.

More details of Air Salon @ The Cathay

Spoilt for choice? We are too! Take your time to visit these 10 salons and remember to leave your review on Wellnessly!

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i did fringe rebonding. the effect is quite good. it does not lay flat on my face. pricing is on the high side but they did wash and blow the entire hair for me after the rebonding. i like it that it does not have a lot of waiting time though.
18 July 2016
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