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10 Premium Barbers for 10 Different Kinds of Men in Singapore

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19 July 2015

Old is gold. The revival of old school barbers in Singapore combines traditional barber with modern ways of being, producing the all new experience that many men would definitely love to try. The once neighbourly HDB void deck barbershops have now transformed into upmarket establishments, nonetheless providing exquisite services at relatively higher prices. Being a man requires effort and dedication too! Here are 10 premium barber recommendations that would certainly transform you into the ultimate man.  

Cover Photo Credits: Pitti Uomo 2015

1. 1950s Men - Hounds of the Baskervilles

Photo Credits: HoundsOfTheBaskervilles Facebook 

First look at the name and many of you would probably recall BBC’s Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch solving the mystery of the “gigantic hound”. Fiercely unique and inspired by the first half of the 20th century, HoB is a bespoke electric tattooing combined with a traditional barber and shaving parlour for men. Its commitment to vintage styles are evident in its furnishing, with brick walls, wooden framed pictures and a leather sofa centrepiece making up the core of the place. Get a haircut from $25-$35, which includes hot towels and warm neck shave. Also, expect to see various guest tattoo artists and barbers from all over the world. So if you’re looking to channel your inner 1950s men, HoB is the place for you!

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2. Metrosexual Men - Premium Barbers

Photo Credits: Premium Barbers

Premium Barbers is the first-ever barbershop concept store in Singapore where old school barbering meets the modern spa treatment and a hip cool bar for the metrosexual men. Customers can expect to be spoiled with old school barbering techniques that provides modern haircuts, shaves, hair colouring and beard trims. Also, modern spa treatments such as manicures, pedicures are catered for the modern man who takes notice of details and hygiene. Get the classic haircut at $45 or indulge more with their mudpack facial at $75. Fancy a drink while getting your hair done? Premium Barbers also boasts a bar that serves various beers, spirits and wines to complete the quintessential manly allure.

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3. Singaporean Men - The Panic Room

Photo Credits: PropertyHunter

Photo Credits: The Panic Room Instagram

For those hipster men out there, The Panic Room is a vintage barber with a modern take on the “under the block hair cutting”. Exuding Singaporean vibes and a fun loving environment, The Panic Room is certainly one to visit where the barbering trade itself fuels their passion. Get the Swee Swee hair cut for $35 or the Geylang Hair styling from $10 onwards. Want to get a sense of the energy of The Panic Room? Check out their youtube channel where they showcase a range of hairstyling pomades in quirky fashion.

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4. Entrepreneurial Men - DeepCuts SG

Photo Credits: DeepCuts SG's Facebook

This humble establishment located in the attic of Kampung Bahru road is for the entrepreneurial men. The drawings sketched by one of their barbers, Farhan, were transformed into murals; and they also converted skateboards as workstation decks, DeepCuts SG certainly embodies the undying enterprising teen spirit with their creativity and originality. Price for a regular haircut ranges from $23 to $36, which is pretty reasonable given the likes of Singapore Idol winner Taufik Batisah becoming their newest fan.

Book now and maybe catch Taufik Batisah at your next haircut..? Heh.

5. Englishmen - Truefitt and Hill

Photo Credits: Truefitt and Hill's Facebook

Fit for the royals, Truefitt and Hill is the epitome of the Englishmen’s barber. Established in 1805, they are the world’s oldest barbershop as stated in the Guinness Book of Records and are the Royal Warrant Holder to H.R.H, the Duke of Edinburgh. Famous clients include Frank Sinatra, British Royal Family, Winston Churchill and Charles Dickens! Expect Kingsman’s treatment with their royal cut at $75 or the ultimate shaving experience at $88. 

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6. Contemporary Men - Sultans of Shave

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<br />Sg Asia City

Photo Credits: Sultan of Shaves Facebook 

A strong desire for the revival of the back alley barber, Sultans of Shave is heavily influenced by the quintessential man from London. Step into a polished barbershop with an industrial feel, coupled with a reception that doubles up as a mini bar. Located near Boat Quay, simply get a Sultan’s shave for $60 with a complimentary mini facial or Sultan’s haircut for $68 before you hit the bars around the area. Also, why not spend some quality time with your dads with their Father and Son Package at $168 that includes a deluxe shave and basic haircut, where both of you are in for a treat! You can also buy grooming products from brands such as Baxter of California, Pankhurst and American Crew right here at Sultans of Shave.

You can book your (or your dad's or son's or brother's) next shave now.

7. Dandy Men - Jermyn Street

Photo Credits: Luxury Insider

Photo Credits: Jermyn Street Facebook

Jermyn Street is a high-end barber resembling an exclusive gentleman’s club right here in Singapore. From hand made wallpapers from England to the lavish décor, Jermyn Street is all about the details. Indulge in classic hot towel shaves from $55-$70 or brow grooming at $20. If you’re impressed by their services, sign up for Gold membership at $330 for 1 year, which entitles you to 15% off barbering services, 30% off beauty services and a free drink of your choice during each visit!

Want to experience the full package? Sign yourself up for “The Dandy Monarch” VIP package at $195 per month and transform yourself into a gentlemen. Or just reserve your next indulgent barbering session.

8. Handsome Men - The Golden Rule Barber Co.

Photo Credits: The Golden Rule Barber Co. Facebook

The Golden Rule Barber Co. is a new spin of other establishments like Hounds of the Baskervilles and The Panic Room. It houses four barber chairs with wall decorations of 90s’ bands and guitars, delivering a laid back yet sophisticated vibe. A full cut and shave is priced at $60 and they also stock locally developed pomades as well as oils such as Mcleod and Sons ($30-$60), Layrite ($32), and Daimon ($42). Get your perfect haircut and also bag some of the best merchandises to maintain your sleek hairstyle! Check out their opening teaser here and be impressed by their expert techniques.

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9. Superman - We Need a Hero

Photo Credits: We need a Hero

An all male grooming centre, where services such as haircut, shaving, waxing and brow specialising is what We Need a Hero is all about. Order a drink with their tailored drink menu that includes whiskey and lemon ginger mint. Before a haircut, you will go through the procedure of washing your scalp, which is done carefully with a lovely scented towel to cover your eyes and encourage relaxation. Unleash your potential with the complete shave at $65 or simply embrace your inner quirks and get a beard design from $40 onwards.

Being a heroic men has never been so easy!

10. Down to Earth Men  - Red Panther Barber Stylist

Photo Credits: Rediscover Singapore

With a decade’s history behind it, Red Panther Barber Stylist is a Muslim barber located at the Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre, which has certainly seen better days. RPBS is truly an authentic old school barbershop, with an interesting collection of movie posters, car plates and other signs that livens up the place.  A no frills barbershop with haircuts priced at $10, it is not a surprise that regulars make up 75% of their customers. RPB is undeniably a hidden gem.

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No matter which type of man you are, you are clearly spoiled for choice.

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